Shrubs hold a lot of importance to your garden for more than a few reasons. Not only are they an essential part of your garden, but they also add to its beauty and have a lot more benefits. They are an essential part of our ecosystem and a core instrument in any garden’s design. With the right Shrubs, you can achieve your desired look and make your garden stand out. If you want your garden to look like the drool-worthy gardens you see in magazines and on social media.

Know what Shrubs to plant and how to place them.

Benefits of Shrubs

They may be small in size, but Shrubs help keep the soil in place. Shrubs help with drainage by absorbing yard runoffs and rainfall and also absorb underground moisture. Not only do they help act as a border and give a boundary to your garden, but they are also the perfect pop of color that your Garden needs. They may not be as tall and mighty as trees, but help filter air particles and enhance air quality nonetheless. Shrubs are not a source of shade and act as a natural habitat for wildlife. 

How to place Shrubs?

To achieve that dreamy, professional look you see in magazines, you will need to pay attention to where your shrubs of choice go. The best technique to use is landscape layering, which means using a wide variety of plants and planting them in an arrangement creating a mixed border plantation effect. Keep the principles of repetition, scale, flow, and depth in mind and achieve that professionally designed garden look. 

Use Shrubs to achieve that aesthetic  

Shrubs can cane your garden and make it go from a zero to a solid 100. Whether you need an unsightly corner covered, need a low fence border for your garden, want to add a pop of color or want to keep your neighbor’s messy junkyard separate from your garden- shrubs have got you covered. Choose your species of shrub wisely and get planting!