Making the right choices


Unless you’re a pro or have an expandable budget, invest in timeless designs – at least for the big pieces – and customize to your current desires with accessories. For example, opt for a plain fabric sofa and treat yourself to plaids and cushions, or bet on white kitchen furniture and customize the decor around it.


Play on colors and light

Interior design

Colors are essential to enhance an interior. You can create a palette of black, white and cream shades for your decoration. These sober shades are terribly elegant. You prefer brighter shades? Opt for duck blue, dark green, mustard yellow or purple shades. Light will also play an important role in embellishing your decor. A beautiful light fixture or pretty candles will have their equal to make your interior a cocoon of elegance.

Planting shrubs that do not require too much maintenance


It seems obvious, but it is rarely done. There are a very large number of shrubs that require little or no maintenance. The latter are to be preferred, especially if you have beds or flowerbeds (and obviously a vegetable garden) which require a lot of maintenance. For your hedges, borders, isolated or difficult to access corners, choose easy-to-manage shrubs that require little or no maintenance.