A well-decorated space not only brings great aesthetics to life but also provides comfort. It increases the value of the property both indoors and outside and makes your neighbors envious of your home. A home should be a comfort zone for you and your kids to relax in after a tiring day. While there are many ways to spruce up a place, not everything works. We have some great tips for you to take your decor game to the next level. 

Top décor tips for your home.

The style usually depends on the taste of the homeowners. But with a few tips and tricks, everyone can have their home looking like a designer place. Here’s how:

Use a lighter tone.

This is true for the fabrics, carpets, cushions, and paint. Lighter tones give a great wide appeal to spaces and create an aura of openness. So try to incorporate neutrals with about 80% of the space. The rest can be played around with a little

Be creative. 

Add funky patterns and color tones to the layout. When you have a maximum of lighter tone textures you can funk it up by incorporating funkier tones. Funkier tones add a fun theme to the layout and add more luxury. 

Detail with patent gold or silver. 

2021 is all about accenting with patents. You can add these accents with tables, mirrors, vases, and lamps. Just remember the general rule that gold looks best with warm colors like beiges and off whites. While silvers look great with pure whites. 

Accent with lights.

Pendant lights, spotlights, or just the wall lights help to give an accent to the setting. You can play around with different styles to get the best visuals for your space. Most people don’t realize the importance of good lighting in décor. These lights help to highlight art pieces and enhance the mood of the room. 


By incorporating these 2021 tips for your home, you will give it great spruce up! Happy decorating!